THAT GIRL Cosmetics is created to inspire.. products that make you feel like THAT GIRL. THAT GIRL embodies every, single THAT GIRL, no matter what gender, skin type or race with each product. Carefully creating each element to ensure to only deliver MUST HAVE'S and KIT ESSENTIALS. 

"When you are THAT GIRL.. You just know. Your genuine aura and vibe, passion and drive for success and happiness, your influence and ability to navigate through life, your positive affect on others ALL moulds together to create YOU, THAT GIRL!" 

THAT GIRL Cosmetics is 100% cruelty free and vegetarian and vegan where accessible. THAT GIRL Cosmetics understands the importance of encouraging sustainability across the board, all products and packaging are made in mind being easily recyclable with little to less plastic. 

THAT GIRL Cosmetics established 2019 in London, United Kingdom by Founder Life of Adore. 

Me and makeup first met when I was about 8. Playing with mum's makeup, the norm right? My love grew and grew through school years so much so, I would often get in trouble with teachers and parents. Growing up, I became a makeup-artist at 15, starting out by practicing on friends and then I found myself working on a beauty counter at university. 

My passion for makeup was always subsided by the lack of diversity in stores , brands and campaigns. Sometimes I lacked inspiration.. and most importantly representation. I started THAT GIRL with the intention of being a powerhouse of relatable THAT GIRL products and content..  YES anyone can be a THAT GIRL. 

"A huge and genuine thank you to every THAT GIRL that supports the dream and vision. Your support will never go unnoticed. I hope you feel 200% like THAT GIRL.. because you are!. "

 - Founder life of adore

Our Passion


Carefully creating each and every element of our products to embody THAT GIRL..


Aiming to be a powerhouse of relatable THAT GIRL content.. Every girl is THAT GIRL.


Continious level of service and the delivery of products we know you will love!


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